2015 Nuodikang capsules and Danshentong capsules Cooperation Conference with Agencies of Tianjin Kangzhe

Company News

The Cooperation Conference was held in the beautiful ancient city Xi an in October, 2015. Management of CMS Group and Tianjin Kangzhe, principals of project team and colleagues from marketing and other relevant departments enjoyed a happy gathering with our companions from across the country to discuss the products, policies and market-related issues about Nuodikang capsules and Danshentong capsules. It was the first cooperation conference with the agencies of Nuodikang capsules and Danshentong capsules and the conference was highly praised for its innovative forms and rich connotations by all the agencies present.

Through the whole day of meeting, our products gained much more recognition among the agencies. And we deeply believe that a new era would come through our joint efforts as well as a brighter future to be embraced in the coming days!