China Medical System was awarded “The Best Listed Company”

Company News

China Medical System was awarded “The Best Listed Company” in “the 5th Chinese Securities Golden Bauhinia” Award Ceremony held by Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong, November 14, 2015. This is the second Chinese Securities Golden Bauhinia award CMS received since it was awarded “the Best Information Disclosure” in 2014.
CMS is delivering fast and stable growth, strict internal control and effective communication with the financial market to constantly create value for the shareholders since listed. The award reflects the market’s recognition on CMS’ healthy growth, corporate governance and brand building as well as the confidence in CMS’ future development.

“The Chinese Securities Golden Bauhinia Award” is held by Ta Kung Pao, which is a comprehensive newspaper with more than hundred year’s history in Hongkong and associated with management institutions in Hongkong and China Mainland, securities institutes and economists to give a comprehensive appraisal in order to recommend companies and management who delivered excellent contribution to the society. Winners will be elected according to objective data provided by professional and comprehensive securities institutes, opinions of co-sponsored organizations and experts and advisory group.