The third quarter work summary conference of CMS Tianjin in 2015

Company News

When the South is still warm, the North has entered the cold winter. The low temperature cannot withstand the forward pace and work passion of the CMS people. The third quarter sales meeting of Tianjin Kangzhe was held on 13 and14, Nov, 2015. Group leaders attended , included the Chairman Mr. Lin Gang, the Group CEO Office Director Miss Zhang Lingyan and colleagues from Audit Department, Information Department, Commerce Department, and the colleagues from CEO Office. The meeting mainly focused on the company∮s core products and new species. The leaders analyzed and summarized the performance of the first three quarters sales, and proposed requirementrs of annual tasks in the meeting. The Group Chairman Mr. Lin carefully listened reports and gave credit for improvements of Tianjin Kangzhe’s new sales model, and proposed new requirements.

All of the CMS people have a firm belief and courage to face and conquer the numerous obstacles on the way forward.