2016 Annual Meeting of Kangzhe Headquarter

Company News

On. 2nd Feb, 2016, the annual meeting of Kangzhe headquarters was held in Shenzhen Pingshan Training center with the theme of “return in triumph”. Company leaders and employees of each department enjoyed a happy get-together.

The annual meeting was broadcasted on live to the rest of the group for the first time, so all the regional colleagues celebrated together. Mr. Chen, our COO gave an opening speech. Due to work issues, Mr Lin could not be at the meeting but he also took time from his busy schedule and sent New Year greetings through live video.

It is the year of monkey, and Monkey King Sun Wukong is the leading role. So the annual meeting was presented in the form of a stage play and followed the main line of“ Journey to the West”. This stage play broke the tradition form of stage announcements, and integrated all programmes into the play. Meanwhile, popular elements such as Weixin registration, interactive display on the wall and Weixin lucky draw. etc were introduced to the meeting, accomplishing an innovative move of the annual meeting format.

The leaders also became the spotlight of the whole show in the exciting lucky draw. The annual meeting came to a successful closing in a festive and happy atmosphere. Everyone formed the vision that the company and each staff could return in triumph in the New Year.