2016 Beijing Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Symposium

Company News

Beijing Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Symposium, organized jointly by department of Gastroenterology, Peking University First Hospital and Chinese Association of Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist, was successfully held at Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing in April 8-9, 2016. More than 200 experts and physicians in the field of inflammatory bowel disease participated in this event.

Beijing Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Symposium was prestigious for providing an academic platform in the realm of IBD. The distinctive features of this conference were fruitful discussions on clinical cases. Also, the diagnosis and treatment of IBD was reevaluated and amended according to the combination of the experts’ consultation and recent advances in clinical studies.

Invited by CMS, prof.Wang Huahong presented a plenary lecture on “Assessment of UC treatment”. He believed that 5-ASA was the first choice for UC treatment so far and underlined the importance of full dose and course of medication. At last, Prof. Wang gave full appreciation of salofalk for UC therapy.

The brand influence of CMS and salofalk gained enhancement during this congress. As consolidating the cooperative relationship with experts, the development and promotion of salofalk will get affirmative progress in the future.