Consensus for Psychosomatic Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Somatic Symptoms

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The cicadas were singing and everywhere was a carpet of flowers in Xishuangbanna’s April. On the evening of April 9, “Consensus for Psychosomatic Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Somatic Symptoms ” project collective preparation meeting was held in Wanda Hilton Hotel, which was sponsored by the Western China Psychiatric Association and co- sponsored by Shen Zhen Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ten experts from across the country attended this preparation meeting. In the meeting, Professor Sun Xueli explained main preparation points of the project in detail and Dr. Zeng Fanmin stated WCPA somatic symptom classification scale. A lively discussion on psychosomatic classification and treatment for somatic symptoms and interpretation of scale was carried out. The contents included how to better identify somatic symptoms and classification, and how to design courses effectively and simply, to provide more clinicians with a better understanding and acceptance, etc.
During this meeting, the experts freely expressed their opinions, different thoughts and ideas sparked fiercely. At the end of the meeting, a consensus was reached on the framework and content of the preparation meeting courseware. Accompanied by a summer breeze, the conference successfully concluded. Through this meeting and the efforts of the experts, we are expecting the “big medicine” concept and comprehensive identification and treatment for somatic symptoms to be further advanced.