The 16th Congress of Chinese Cerebrovascular Diseases

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The 16th Congress of Chinese Cerebrovascular Diseases(CCCD), hosted by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Society of Neurology, CSN and organized by the Chinese Stroke Society, Zhejiang Medical Association and Zhejiang Academy of Neurology, was held in the Great Hall of Zhejiang Province from April 7th to 9th, 2016.

Several famous cerebrovascular diseases and neurology clinical experts from home and abroad attended this conference. They delivered lectures and participated in various forms of academic activities. Key content of the conference involved the prevention of primary and secondary cerebrovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases rehabilitation, cases discussion and interpretation of the latest guidelines, etc.

Wu Shizheng, president of Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital presented a thematic report named ”Research on Impact of Intermittent Hypoxia on Cerebral Reserve Capacity”, in which he described the impact of hypoxia tolerance on cerebral reserve capacity ,and the enhancement of cerebral reserve capacity that brought by Rhodiolaglucoside( the main active ingredient of Nuodikang Capsule) under anoxic conditions. This report has attracted interests from the participants to research towards this direction and won wide applause from the audience.