Seminar of impact from Hierarchical Medical System and Medical Insurance Payment Reform on pharmaceutical industry

Company News

May 16th, 2016, partners from Tianjin Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co.,Ltd. had a joint discussion on ” Impact from Hierarchical Medical System and Medical Insurance Payment Reform on pharmaceutical industry “and other relevant hotspot issues in Chongqing.

During the meeting, professor Li Meng from Development Research Center for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry of Renmin University of China gave a detailed interpretation on China∮s healthcare reform policies, analyzed present situation and future developing trends of the industry in detail, and also suggested coping strategies for medical business under this changing environment.

Our company provided optimal product portfolio for partners, such as Felodipine Sustaind Release Tablets, Isosorbide Mononitrate Sustained Release Tablets, Nuodikang Capsules and Danshentong Capsules,etc.Product managers introduced each product in detail.

During the seminar, Yang Bing, chairman of Tianjin Kangzhe interpreted commission system of the company, which greatly strengthened the partners’belief and confidence for long-term cooperation.

Finally, Mr. LAM Kong, executive director and CEO of the Group , stressed that the CMS had been making positive response and standing at the forefront of the changing environment to provide the best cooperation platform for each partner. Mr. LAM Kong also pointed out that CMS possessed products, management, perception and sincerity ;the Group was the optimal enterprise to work with ,and would be willing to build a sustainable and capitalized CSO alliance with all partners.

This seminar was designed to cope with changes in the industry and explore coping strategies actively through jointed efforts, and thus to achieve a more stable and developed cooperation relationship with partners to embrace greater development. The seminar was a complete success!