“The second youth doctor debate competition of Neurology Branch of the Chinese Medical Associationended successfully

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The Ninth Chinese Medical Association neurologists Assemblyheldsimultaneously in Chongqing, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Guangzhou on June 3.During the meeting, “The second youth doctor debate competition” has come to an end in Chongqing main venue which was organized by the Chinese Medical Association neurologists branch. The contest fully demonstrated the team of neurologists youthful style, spread positive energy medicine, and attracted wide attention neurology young physician.

Competition is divided into preliminaries and finals of two parts, motionsare carefully prepared by the organizing committee.In the preliminary stage,Intense stadium atmosphere was intense, Contestants on both sides were eloquent and the audience applaud constantly.In the final phase, the two teams in a fierce battle. Free debate session promoted the contest atmosphere to a climax.

After the game,a number of judges give competitors’ wonderful performancea high degree of recognition and evaluation.Through this debate competition, not only exercise their critical thinking skills and the ability to cooperate, but also improve the response speed of thinking, communication skills, organizational skills to enhance the language and adaptability.”The Young Talent Competition physicians” build a good communication platform, deepen the communication and exchange of teams across the country andfully demonstrated the neurology young physicians youth style!