CMS 21th new employees orientation (Cardiovascular Group) successfully completed

Company News

At 7:00 am on July 17, 2016, with the CMS enterprise song played, CMS 21st new employees orientation (Cardiovascular Group) officially kicked off; 308 new employees from 33 districts of all the Group’s ten regions gathering at the Pingshan CMS training base, began a 11-day orientation.

In order to help new employees understand the company and products, master the basic job skills, and change the role as soon as possible from student to professional as well,the training center prepared a rich curriculum, which includes outward bound to enhance trainees’ team spirit, product knowledge training to strengthen the core attainment of the trainees, sales skills to improve students∮ practice, and also introduction for CMS culture and welfare policy to increase new employees’ identity to CMS value.

To ease the tension during the study, the training center organized various events, including sports programs such as basketball, table tennis, badminton and billiards race, recreational activities, Karaoke, graduation party, as well as a one-day trip to the beach.

To better publicize the company, the training center also organized a poll, “I am the king Layout” and “readily take training records drip” through exponential proliferation networks, so that more people know the company.
Meanwhile, in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of training, the training center carried out a comprehensive assessment of students through five criteria as closed book exam, pre-class work, class performance, activities involvement and code of conduct; so that students under both assessment pressure and reward incentives, would be actively participate in the training program so as to maximize the effectiveness.
Group top management paid close attention to the training. Chairman Lin,Gang attended the graduation dinner and made a speech. During the 11-days training, COO Chen,Hongbing and the executive team, came for visits three times, Including attending the orientation, the symposium answering students’ questions, and the graduation dinner as well

Although the training was over, the students learning and growth do not end. Returning to the regions, we hope all the participants will deepen and consolidate the content of the training soon to adapt to the new work, and keep pace with the company∮s growth together.