CMS 21th new employees orientation (Gastroenteritic andDermatic Group) successfully completed

Company News

August 2nd, 2016 was originally a Gastroenteritic and Dermatic Group new employeesorientation check-in day, but typhoon “Nida”landed in Shenzhen, makingthesetrainees suffered “the most difficult trip”in CMS’s history oftraining trip report. Hundreds of traineeswere forced to stop over, waiting for the typhoon to pass through, and most of the other trainees didn∮t set out to be notified about the trains being canceled or suspended because oftyphoon. Yet it is this”Nida”that witnessedthe spirit of hardworking and optimistic of the new employeesand the care and help for each other within our CMS family.The trainees stranded on the way were well receivedby regional colleagues, and gained great help from regionals colleaguesinbuying train tickets after the typhoon. Specially thank these regional leaders and colleagues who tookutmost care and hospitality to the new colleagues: Guangzhou region, Jiangxi region, Guangxi region, Hubei region, Hunan region and Shanxi region.

At 7:00am on August 5th, 2016, with the CMS enterprise song was played, CMS 21st new employees orientation officially kicked off though being put off for 2days. 272 new employees (including 48 Professional reserves) from 33 districts of all the Group’s ten regions gathering at the Pingshan CMS training base after having faced great difficulties on the way, began a 10-day orientation. Affected by the typhoon weather,the ceremony was also unprecedentedlyheldindoors. This training group inheritedgood experience of organization, planning and management from cardiovascular group and fixed the deficienciespreviously appeared. Thus  both thestudy and life of the traineeshad been optimized and improved, with better training experience and training effect achieved.

As a result of thecompressed training time, the trainees’study and life timeis more limited with heavier workload than before.Courses were scheduled also in the evening, other activities often had to be held after the evening course.12days’ training courses and related activities were completed within10days ’ time, and it took only eight days for the trainees to plan and completea wonderful graduation party. The trainees went through high intensity of pressure but fulfilled various tasks successfully, which gained high degree of recognition and affirmation from the training center and company leadership.

During the 10-day training, COO Chen,Hongbing and the executive team, came for visit twice; Including attending the orientation andthe symposium for answering students’ questions. CFO Chen,Yanling and the executive team attended the graduation party and dinner.

The trainingconcluded successfully, but the diligence, hardworking and ceaseless striving quality of the trainees had impressed everyone. Hope that the traineescan continue adhering to these qualitiesafter coming back to the region,deepen the learned knowledge in practice, and join hands with CMS to embrace a bright future.