The 10th Western Neurology Academic BBS Forum Neurology of Chinese China Neurologist AssociationConference

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The 10th Western Neurology Academic Forum of China Neurologist Association was held from August 12 to 14, 2016 in Xi an, Shanxi province as scheduled. The conference was currently one of the most important medical conferences for western region neurological physicians in China and it had been the 10th conference hosted by western forum expert committee of China Neurologist Association. The conference always adhered to the principle of serving for the clinic and grass-roots. Famous experts and scholars were invited to the conference and presented reports on their latest research achievements; In the meantime, academic discussions were launched on site, which stressed the characteristics of industry associations.

The conference had improved comprehensive ability such as clinical skills of diagnosis and treatment of diseases etc. of grass-roots neurological physicians in the western areas.

Shenzhen Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd integrated resources and set up specially decorated stands to establish the company image. Many neurological physicians were attracted to the site, consulting the products of Kangzhe. The unique curative effect of Deanxit, “enhancing oxygen-carrying and anti-hypoxic” pharmacological effects and mechanism of Rhodiola sacra, and the mechanism of antihypertensive and curative effect of Plendil aroused great interest of the physicians.