The Preparation meeting of for expert consensus meeting on the digestive use of digestive enzymes for dyspepsia which were applied in the the elderly dyspepsia

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The second preparation meeting hosted by geriatric digestive group of Chinese Medical Association Gerontology Branch, was held in shanghai on July 30, with the theme of “Expert consensus on clinical assessment and pretreatment for chronic constipation in the elderly” and ” Expert consensus on use of digestive enzymes for dyspepsia about two expert consensus application, pretreatment clinical expert consensus assessment of elderly patients with chronic constipation and the application of enzyme digestion expert consensus of indigestion in the the elderly, which ”.was held in shanghai on July 30.

The group leader, Professor Zheng Songbai, who is also the deputy director of geriatric digestive and cooperative group of Chinese Medical Association Digestive Diseases Branch Society of Gastroenterologyelderly digestion Cooperative Group leader at the same time, presided hosted the meeting. The experts confirmed the efficacy of use of digestive enzymes for dyspepsia of digestive enzymes of indigestion in the elderly and , gave had a heated discussion on the experts consensus. Through the forum, we further strengthened The the relationship with experts in elderly digestion the field,  of the elderly digestive had been strengthened further through the forum. aAnd we improved product visibility of Combizym® in the treatment of elderly dyspepsia dyspepsiaolder, and  at the same time laid a solid promotional foundation on for Movicol® inpromotion elderly of constipation in older field.s  for Movicol®.