Leaders of Li County visited Kangzhe Farmland

Company News

On the morning of October 13, Zou Rulong, the Party Secretary and Xu Jin, the magistrate of Li County, Changde City, Hunan Province led several members of the standing committee and bureau-level leaders to visit Kangzhe Farmland for a survey.

After visiting tour in the park, Secretary Zou gave our farmland the high appraise of “three new”, which is new concept, new methods, new technology; the guests unanimously praised the speed of Kangzhe construction; and thought that this model can be successfully replicated to enlarge, and to promote the agricultural development of Li County! Secretary Zou  instructed in the meeting that, the Party Committee, Government and Agriculture Bureau, Science and Technology  Bureau of Li Country should fully promote Kangzhe Farmland to become the modern agricultural demonstration base or high-tech industrial park of the province even the nation, and promised on the spot to complete, widen and beautify the road construction(about 10km) around the Farmland as soon as possible, requiring all departments to provide greenlight in the process of handling all the procedures. He also took the command personally to support the development of the company.

  In that afternoon, Director of Changde Agriculture Committee Mr. Li and Director Zou from Economic Crops Office of Hunan Provincial Agriculture Commission (former Agriculture Department) and other relevant leaders visited our Farmland. The guests expressed their appreciation for the development model of Kangzhe Agriculture and recognize this model to be a model that can be promoted nationwide..