The 3rd International Conference on Acne

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On September 7-9, 2016, the 3rd international conference on acne was held at the Jin Jiang Hotel, Shanghai. The conference was hosted by International Acne Union, China Internation Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care, and organized by Huashan Hospital Fudan University, National Acne Expert Committee of dermatology branch of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine. The conference carried out special coverage on skin appendages related diseases such as sebaceous glands, acne and acne rosacea, etc. More than 50 top domestic experts and 60 influential foreign experts from Germany, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, South Korea, Japan gathered in the conference, which attracted more than 1000 participants across the country.

Chairman of the conference,Professor Wen Hai (Chairman of Dermatology specialized committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine)was invited to deliver a keynote lecture on “The clinical use of Danshentong in acne treatment ”, which laid academic foundation for the Westernizing of Danshentong.