The First Work Conference of CMS Retail Department

Company News

The First Work Conference of CMS Retail Department was held in Shenzhen from August 14th to 21st, 2016, with 55 colleagues based in different regions around the country gathering together in our headquarter for the first time since the establishment of the Department.

The conference, focused on business training and work report, was divided into four parts: Product Training, Regional Work Report, Data Management Training and Customer Service Training. The Chairman and CEO of CMS, Mr. Lam Kong, specially attended the meeting on the last day when a speech contest was held among the team members. President Lam Kong presented awards to the prize-winners and gave his warm and firm encouragement to the retail business team.

The work conference has promoted the exchanges and cooperation between the retail Regions and the Headquarter, as well as enhanced the team-building and the new team’s  professional skills.