The national standardization of cancer nutrition training project — cancer nutritional therapy (CNT) 60th training meeting has been successfully held

Company News

Tianjin Kangzhe Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. associated with China Anti-Cancer Association Cancer Nutrition and Supportive Treatment Committee and Guizhou Zunyi Medical College Affiliated Hospital to build a standardized cancer nutrition therapy platform. In November 11, the National Cancer Nutrition Training Program – Cancer Nutrition Therapy (CNT) and the Committee of the second Green Commission of the Chinese Association for Cancer Oncology Nutrition and Supportive Care Professional were held in Zunyi .

 At the same time the 60th session of the training participants included the second session of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Society of Cancer Nutrition and Support Treatment Committee as well as part of the Guizhou Provincial Cancer Hospital Director, deputy director of a total of more than 150 people.

At this meeting, Tianjin Kangzhe actively supported the relevant work and publicized Xidakang branding, which had been establishment of a good brand image of the attendees. The conference has laid a solid foundation for the standardization treatment of cancer in Guizhou Province!