The 17th International Congress of Ophthalmology & Optometry China(COOC2017) and the 4th International Academy of Orthokeratology Forum(IAOF2017)

Company News

COOC and IAOF 2017were successfully held in Shanghai from March 24 to March 27. Chairman of the conference, professors, experts and scholars at home and abroad were invited to attend this congress and give excellent academic reports, Many guests of the meeting brought the ophthalmology, optometry, orthokeratology in the field of academic research at home and abroad the latest clinical and basic research results, as well as the latest progress in the field of myopia prevention and control, which have shown China∮s future development of ophthalmology trend.

The meeting further deepened the understanding of experts and scholars towards Stulln∮s treatment of visual fatigue . The conference is a high-level, high-quality academic event.