CMS was awarded as “Most Honored” Company,CEO Mr. Lam Kong, CFO Ms. Yanling Chen were awarded again

Company News

In the blinking of an eye, July comes once more. Peach turns red and Willow turns green. In this wonderful summer time, China Medical Holdings Limited (“CMS”or “the Group”) once again received the good news. CMS is honored to be recognized as the “All-Asia Most Honored” company by the one of the world∮s most influential financial magazine “Institutional Investor”. Mr. Lam Kong, Chairman and CEO of CMS, was awarded as the 2nd Place of“All-Asia Best CEO in 2017 (Overall) in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry”by Institutional Investor Magazine ; Ms. Yanling Chen, the Executive Director, Vice President and CFO of CMS, won the 1st Place of “All-Asia Best CFO in 2017 (Overall) in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry” again by the Institutional Investor Magazine. It is noteworthy that it is the second time and sixth time for Mr. Kong Lam and Ms. Yanling Chen being honored respectively. At the meantime, CMS’s Investor Relations Team won the 2nd Place of “All-Asia Best Investor Relations in 2017(Overall) in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry”.

The headquarter of the Institutional Investor Magazine is located in New York, honored as one of the world∮s most influential financial magazine, which mainly offers industry research reports and news analysis for all elites working in the Wall Street and worldwide financial institutions.  The participations of“2017 All-Asia (ex-Japan) Executive Team”grew rapidly. The 2017 survey of All- Asia Executive Team reflects the opinions from 3,900 investment professionals in 980 financial institutions and 2,510 companies.

These results reflect investors’ confidence in the operation, corporate governance and management team of CMS for the past year and the company’s future sustainable development as well. The management teams of CMS have been fully grateful regarding to the recognitions received from the financial industry. CMS is always adhering to close and sincere communication with its investors and cherish every opportunity with the investors since listed in HK stock market. Besides, CMS has offered the rising results performance of the past decade to return to the shareholders and societies. Looking forward, the management team will continuously adjust and optimize our internal management structure according to the market trends, for striding the precise, quality and effective oriented development path.