Relocation for HQ of CMS

Company News

On 27th, November 2017, CMS is delighted to relocate the HQ in Chuangxin Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, PRC.

All the staff of CMS HQ presented the ceremony, which was also live broadcasting to the CMS members all over the country to witness the inspiring moment of the relocation of our HQ.

The Executive Director, COO of the group, Mr. Chen Hongbing gave a speech at the ceremony. He reviewed the 6 relocations of CMS HQ in the past 20 years, and introduced the functions and facilities in the new office. The new HQ is a big improvement to the image of our company as well as the satisfaction of the staff.

The Chairman, CEO of the group, Dr. Lam Kong said, each relocation is a qualitative leap of CMS HQ, CMS will surely embrace greater development and opportunities.

After that, the Chairman, CEO of the group Dr. Lam Kong, executive director, COO of the group Mr. Chen Hongbing and executive director, CFO of the group Ms. Chen Yanling, together with the old staff, unveiled the new CMS office and open joyful champagnes to toast to this sacred and jubilant moment.

The host introduced the functions and departments one by one in the new office, and interviewed staff randomly, everyone expressed their happiness about the relocation, and will work harder and dedicate to the better future of the company. The online viewer from all over the country also barraged to show their pride and yearning to be one of CMS.

With the relocation of the HQ, CMS will continue to hit new notes and achieve new height.