CMS and ShenZhen Social Welfare Center held a helping interactive event

Company News

On November 20th, the employees of China Medical System (CMS) and the children of the ShenZhen Social Welfare Center had a lovely interaction.

Shenzhen Social Welfare Center has moved into Longhua district since 2017. The new site provides a more spacious, comfortable and modern living environment for the children, and introduces a scientific and advanced education concept, which makes the children’s physical and mental development have made great progress. However, the basketball court is completely open and close to the roadside. In order to give children a safer sports environment, CMS donated a basketball court renovation project for the children’s home, and erected a high purse outside the basketball court. It is replaced with bright and energy-saving street lamps, so that children can feel the fun of sports more safely and freely. In addition, in order to cope with the daily parenting and teaching activities of the children’s home and cultivate children’s independent living habits, CMS also donated a batch of materials such as shoe cabinets, wireless vacuum cleaners and cameras for the children.

At the same time of enterprise development, CMS has always regarded social responsibility as an internal driving force, actively giving back to the society, and incorporating social welfare into the group planning. In the future, CMS will reach a long-term assistance mechanism with the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center to help children’s healthy growth.