China Medical System Holdings Limited won the award of “Most Valuable Medical Company” for 3 consecutive years

Company News

On 16 January 2019, at the beginning of the new year, the 2018 Golden Hong Kong Stocks Annual Awards Ceremony was grandly opened at the Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Shenzhen. As a well-established and innovation-driven specialty pharma focusing on marketing and sales in the Chinese market, China Medical System Holdings Limited won the award of Most Valuable Medical Company again in virtue of its steady historical performance and innovation-driven development philosophy. This is the third consecutive year that the Group won the award.

The Golden Hong Kong Stocks Annual Awards Ceremony was co-sponsored by Zhitong Caijing and RoyalFlush, the leading domestic Hong Kong stock information platforms, co-organized by Xueqiu and supported by the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong. The ceremony has been held for three years since 2016, becoming the benchmark of annual investment value and growth potential of Hong Kong stocks.

In the past year, Chinese pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing the  significant structural adjustment. To adapt to the new industry environment, China Medical System Holdings Limited has proactively made strategic transformation through strategic layout of innovative products. Since 2017, the Group has invested in overseas innovative drug R & D companies with the ability to research and development in the specialized field through strategic equity investments, and has expanded different research areas by utilizing their rich experiences within pharmaceutical industry and R&D teams with international background of major pharmaceutical companies to lay out innovative patent products multi-dimensionally.
The Group firmly believes innovative products are the pillar of pharmaceutical industry and the core driving force of the development in the future. Living up to the expectations, we will promote the launch of innovative products in China in the near future by virtue of the Group’s nationwide academic network and proven commercialization ability to solve the pain points and difficulties in the Chinese drugs market, benefiting the public.

China Medical System Holdings Limited is grateful to investors for the trust and support all the time. The Group will adhere to the principle of value creation for customers, global reach for innovation, dedication and perseverance, ethics and integrity, professionalism and entrepreneurship to continually overcome challenges and achieve transcendence!