CMS received the award of “Shenzhen’s most potential employer in 2018”

Company News

On January 11, 2019, “China’s annual Best Employer Presentation Award” of 2018 and “China Human Capital International Management Forum” were held in Shenzhen. The event unveiled a list of winners for “China’s annual Best 30 Employer in Shenzhen in 2018” and “China’s annual top 10 most promising employers in Shenzhen in 2018”.
CMS has won recognition from the outside world because of its attention to talents and the careful building of the employer’s brand for many years and won the award for “China’s 10 top employers in Shenzhen in 2018” for the first time.
The annual Best Employer Selection Campaign in China, launched in 2005 and held every year, is an activity to find and select the best employers. The aim is to find out, from an independent and objective standpoint through professional, scientific investigation and evaluation, the enterprises with excellent brand names of local employers in China, and to build bridges between enterprises and job seekers.
In 2018, more than 30,000 enterprises across the country participated in competition which to evaluate the ranking from six dimensions: Employer culture, employer image, training development, organizational management, work environment, and Salary & welfare.
CMS is committed to respecting talent and cherishing talent’s original intentions, attaching importance to the striver, creating a good working environment and atmosphere, so that employees can get reward that matches their contributions, at the same time, CMS works hard to provide employees with a better career development platform, so that employees can continuously improve and grow, maximizing their life aspirations and career dreams in CMS.
This award will inspire CMSs ’efforts to continuously improve its deficiencies, improve staff’s work experience, and to build and maintain a good employer brand.