Proactive change, to create a new era of Pharmaceutical Industry

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2018 Annual Conference of CMS on Costa  Deluxe cruise

On March 5th, early spring of 2019. More than 3700 employees and their families from CMS boarded the Italian Costa Cruise Selina, a luxury cruise ship, at the Tianjin International Ferry Port. An exclusive journey of CMS employees has begun, and their destination is Japan. A Gala of CMS’s annual conference has begun in the same time.

The cruise ship, known as “Ancient Rome at Sea”, was exclusively chartered by CMS. By looking around, CMS employees are all over the Cruise. A feeling of pride has arisen deeply in our heart.

On March 6, the 2018 Annual Business Summary Conference was held at Zeus Theatre. All employees listened to the report “Proactive Change, to create a New Age of Medicine” by Mr. Lin Gang, CEO of CMS. Mr. Lin analyzed the great changes in 2018, future trends in the pharmaceutical market and CMS’s coping strategies. He encouraged all the employees of CMS to be more progressive, to strive harder, to work together, and to make CMS great again!

The group COO, Mr. Chen Hongbing, mainly describes how to carry on and how to manage the company with the new strategy. In the severe situation of the pharmaceutical industry, how to make a difference and make a great comeback in 2019. He also cited Churchill’s famous saying, ” Difficulties mastered are opportunities won ” to encourage everyone on the board.

As the head manager of the headquarters support system, Group CFO Ms. Chen Yanling shared the theme: CMS as our “home” ,from the perspective of CMS’s social identity, public welfare, investment value, strategic transformation, and employee welfare plan. She hoped that we would work together to create the miracle of CMS’s rapid growth again.

At the Summary and commendation Conference, the Group issued honorary certificates to employees who were newly enrolled in the Backbone Employee Benefits Program in 2017 – 2018. Large cheque and Gold trophy show the great recognition to those backbone employees from CMS company.

The seamless docking and connecting of CMS’s various meetings will be a common force for the future development of the enterprise! Italian crews and waiters were amazed and impressed by the spirit of hardworking and striving of the CMS people.

In addition to the colorful activities held by crews, CMS’s spectacular activities made the sea trip expand and flourish. Employees can also earn points in games and entertainments on board. Every employee not only had a great time on board but also earned some extra money(points).

On the stage of the “Creative New Voice”, the CMS people showed their creativity, charm, and passion for the future.

The Innovation Show of CMS shows the great achievements of CMS people since the company’s transformation, the great vision of CMS in introducing products, and the confidence of CMS people in the company’s development strategy.

Do you remember the joyful rivers we’ve been running together at the Gala party of CMS ? There was also a second party to keep you up at night…

Have you had enough of the deck morning run, the treasure-hunting answer, the “Run, Kangzhe” Game, and the “Happy Chinese New Year” photographic competition? What’s more, the football match, the team-building activities, the Wolf Championship, and the photography contest…There’s always one for you, and the shopping points were waiting for all employees.

In Nagasaki and Fukuoka, Japan, on the cruise ship duty-free shop, CMS people couldn’t stop shopping, rich is one of the hashtags for CMS people.

The joyful times always go fast. On March 10, we had to say “Sayonara” to Selina Cruise and CMS’s wonderful colleagues with joy and misses!

We believe that all the gathering and parting is to make our common home — CMS great again!