CMS received the 2019 Excellence Award for Human Resources Management

Company News

On April 19, 2019, the 2019 Excellence Human Resources Management Award-winning Enterprise Summit and Award Presentation Ceremony were successfully held at the Jia Li Hotel in Beijing.

This award was hosted by the leading HR service organization: 51Jobs(NASDAQ:JOBS) in China. The theme of the ceremony is“Beyond new challenges,embracing new patterns with wisdom” which purpose is to support the implementation of corporate strategy adjustment based on human resource management, and to combine the company’s contribution to corporate business objectives in terms of talent attraction, talent development, and talent incentives, to select and represent China’s human resources. Industry best practices.

The selection of this year was launched in September 2018. 3,000 companies from nearly 10,000 active companies were selected to participate in the election, and detailed information on human resource management was obtained through research. 799 companies from 10 regions across the country were selected. In the end, CMS won this award for its excellent talent management philosophy and professional human resource management capabilities.

The acquisition of this honor further promotes the talent introduction and talent management of CMS