CMS and the Children’s Home of Shenzhen Social Welfare Center to celebrate the Children’s Day

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Every child is an angel and deserves to be guarded by life. On the day of “June 1st”, a special day for children, CMS once again went to the Children’s Home of Shenzhen Social Welfare Center and sent children the blessings and joy of the holiday!

On June 1, 2019, the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center welcomed the celebration of the “June 1st” Children’s Day and Media Open Day. Ms. Chen Yanling, Vice President of CMS, with staff representatives and children participated in the event. She admired the beautiful environment, perfect educational facilities, advanced educational ideas, patient staff and love of the welfare center. She said at the donation ceremony that as a listed company that CMS has always been a charity and will continue to support the construction and development of the Children’s Home of the Welfare Center.

In this activity, CMS donated a large amount of materials to the Welfare Center: including novels and interesting teaching materials that can stimulate children’s interest in class, practical facilities that can enrich children’s after-school life, and various kinds of hand-craft toys that can develop children’s brains. CMS had also made hundreds of nursing uniforms for the children of the welfare center, and sponsored the venue layout and stage construction.

The event was divided into two sections: Campus tour with children and children’s performance. Staff representatives first visited the park and interacted closely with the children in the welfare homes, after Campus tour CMS staff representatives watched shows performed by children in the children’s homes and were astonished by their imagination and creativity.

During the show, the children of the welfare house have shown their charm, not only by their pure singing performance, energetic and lovely dance show, amazing fashion show, but also by the solemn young pioneers’ entry ceremony and the warm-hearted donation ceremony.

Media friends such as Shenzhen Jing Newspaper, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Commercial Daily, Shenzhen Radio and Xinhua Net participated and reported this the event.

CMS, with the mission of “meeting the unmet medical needs of China”, never forget the conscience, and will always keep a learner’s heart, pay attention to the sustainable development of corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility, etc., and incorporate social welfare into the group planning. In the future, CMS will continue to pay attention to the development of children’s Home of Shenzhen Social Welfare Center, and help children grow up healthily!