Ms. Yanling Chen from CMS was awarded as the “Best CFO of Hong Kong Listed Company”

Company News

On 31 May 2019, the “Gelonghui·1st Greater China Best Listed Companies Awarding Ceremony” was held by Gelonghui in Shenzhen. Ms.Yanling Chen, the Executive Director, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the China Medical System Holdings Limited, was awarded the “Best CFO of Hong Kong Listed Company”.

Gelonghui is currently a leading overseas investment research social platform in China. The “Gelonghui·First Selection of the Best Listed Companies” is the first joint selection among all A-shares and HK-shares companies in Greater China, with more than 5,000 listed companies participating. Finally, through the combination results of the network voting, experts review and big data analysis, a total of 160 companies were selected and awarded. The “Best CFO of Hong Kong Listed Company” is based on the result of comprehensive evaluation on overall performance such as the enterprise’s operating performance, financial management, corporate governance and sustainable development in the past year. It is an affirmation of the CFO’s excellent performance in financial management, capital operation, cash management and other related work, as well as a high praise of the CFO from highly influential listed company within the industry.

The “Best CFO of Hong Kong Listed Company” awarded by Ms. Yanling Chen, is the affirmation and recognition of the Group’s corporate governance and management’s competence from capital market and the public. The Group will continuously enhance the internal management and improve the corporate transparency, in order to make the contribution to the society in return for the supports and trust that CMS received.