China Medical System Won “China Enterprise Excellence Awards- The Best Investor Relations”

Company News

On September 6, 2019, the first “China Enterprise Excellence Awards Ceremony” was grandly held by Porda Havas International Finance Communications Group, AMO Group and Hong Kong International Investment Society at Hong Kong. China Medical System Holdings Limited (CMS) was awarded the “The Best Investor Relations”.
“China Enterprise Excellence Awards” aims to honor the contributions and outstanding achievements made by Chinese business elites for China’s business stride toward the globalization. A total of 300 enterprises participated in this event. Amongst, selected by the authoritative representatives of investment society and professional institutions, “The Best Investor Relations” is awarded to well-known enterprises with excellent reputation and remarkable investor relations based on their performance in the capital market.
In 2019, China’s medical and pharmaceutical reform policies have been fully implemented and progressed. With its original aspiration, the Group continually accelerated the deployment of products that can meet the unmet medical needs of Chinese market with innovative research and development as its core strategy, while constantly upgrading and optimizing its promotion network, aiming to bring the sustainable development driving force for the Group. In order to enable the capital market to have a deeper insight into the Group’s operation situation and future development strategy, the Group always disclosed the information important to shareholders and investors timely and objectively through multiple channels while conveying the Company’s latest news to the capital market actively and effectively. Winning the award of “China Enterprise Excellence Awards- The Best Investor Relations” reflects that the capabilities of the Company’s investor relations team have been fully recognized by the capital market. Looking into the future, the Company will continue to maintain a mutual and transparent communication with the capital market and strive to maintain a good investor relationship, creating the continuous value for shareholders!