Concerned about Wuhan epidemic area, CMS is in action

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The Spring Festival in 2020 is different from the past,
There is a city, which of millions of people, “sealed ” against the epidemic,
There is a group of people, “If there is war, the call will be returned, and the war will be won!”
Vows to go retrograde,
There are aids from all over the country,
Which is also the concern of all CMS staffs!

CMS Group announces:

1) Donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan Charity Federation, which is mainly used for front-line combat and prevention of epidemic areas in Wuhan and other places.

2) It is planned to donate urgently needed medical supplies to relevant hospitals in Wuhan to support the local epidemic prevention and control work.

3) Continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic situation, and start the daily compilation of national wide employees’ health data to fully cooperate with the various tasks of epidemic prevention in epidemic areas.

At this moment, we are connected with each other, helping each other, and will do our best to provide support for epidemic prevention and control work!