Good News – CMS was selected into the “CNI Nanshan 50 Index”

Company News

December 31, the Nanshan 50 Index was officially released at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The index code is 980023, and the latest spot is 2462.64. Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Wang Lixin, Leader of Nanshan District Wang Qiang, Huang Xiangyue, Rao Honglei, Chen Jun, Hu Yun, Lian Cong, He Jie, Director of the Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Yang Zhihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Supervisor of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Manager Li Hui attended the event.

   CNI Nanshan 50 Index refers to the top 50 largest companies in Nanshan District. Its constituent stocks have significant features such as large scale, good liquidity, excellent performance, and close correlation with the national economy. The Nanshan 50 Index comprehensively examined the market value scale, industry representativeness and innovation influence of listed companies, and selected 50 companies in Shenzhen Nanshan District listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, including CMS, as the first sample stocks.

  In the Nanshan 50 Index, information technology, medicine and other emerging industries account for more than 65%, with obvious industry characteristics and of highly investable value. It has set a sample benchmark for science and technology innovation enterprises in Shenzhen and even the whole country, providing a high-quality benchmark for investors to share the results of regional and industrial development. It is of great significance for Shenzhen to play a leading role in science and technology innovation and better build a leading demonstration area.

     CMS is a global innovation-driven professional pharmaceutical company focusing on the Chinese market. Committed to providing competitive products and services to meet unmet medical needs in China. With high quality diversified product portfolio, comprehensive and professional academic extension network, efficient operational management system and international development vision, we achieve sustained and high-speed growth. CMS with strong industrial power, obvious innovation advantage and vigorous growth, has been selected into the Nanshan 50 index, adding another beautiful name card to the company in the capital market.