Tibet Pharma, the Associated Company of China Medical System, Acquired an Exclusive Global License of Certain Vaccines

Company News

On June 15, Tibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical Holding
Co. (“Tibet Pharma”, 600211.SH) announced that it has reached collaborative
R&D with Stemirna Therapeutics, Ltd. (“Stemirna Therapeutics “),
and acquired global exclusive rights to develop, register, manufacture, use and
commercialize certain vaccines including COVID-19 vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine
and influenza vaccine.

In response to COVID-19, Stemirna Therapeutics
initiated the R&D project of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in January 2020,
which was carried out in cooperation with Chinese Center for Disease Control
and Prevention and Dongfang Hospital affiliated to Tongji University. At
present, pharmacodynamics studies of all vaccine candidates have been
completed, and the clinical trials are expected to be conducted soon. As for the
tuberculosis vaccine and influenza vaccine, the preliminary vivo animal
validation experiments have been completed, and formal toxicological and
pharmacodynamic evaluations will be conducted thereafter.

This exclusive strategic cooperation will help to
exert advantages of resources and expertise for both Tibet Pharma and Stemirna
Therapeutics, and generate great social and economic benefits. The above
products will enrich the short-to-mid term product reserves and further expand
the product lines of Tibet Pharma, which comply with its strategy and benefit its
long-term development.

For detail of the investment of Tibet Pharma,
please refer to its announcement: