China Medical System (00867) Won the “Excellent Pharmaceutical Industry Award” of “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies”

Company News

On December
21, the award of the eighth “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” was grandly
announced at Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, and China Medical System
Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) won the “Excellent Pharmaceutical
Industry Award “.

selection of “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” was jointly initiated
by Tencent Holdings and Finet Group, and has been held for eight consecutive years.
Supported by universities in Hong Kong and approved by the expert evaluation
committee composed of finance, accounting and legal professionals from Mainland
China and Hong Kong, the selection’s accuracy and objectivity has been highly
recognized by professional institutional and private investors. The
“Excellent Pharmaceutical Industry Award” recognizes outstanding
enterprises in pharmaceutical industry based on the comprehensive evaluation of
turnover and other indicators. Receiving this award showed the experts’ recognition
of the Group’s sound operational performance and sustainable growth over years and
affirmed its contributions to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

recent years, in response to the new development pattern of China
pharmaceutical industry, the Group has accelerated the investment and development
of innovative patented drugs. Capitalizing on its resources of global product development
accumulated for more than two decades, the Group has deployed 23 innovative
products with great market potential and competitive differentiation advantages
for just over three years. Meanwhile, with successful experience in drug
commercialization for over two decades, the Group has taken the professional,
compliant and efficient academic promotion system as a carrier, to guarantee the
steady growth of existing products and the commercialization of innovative
products. In the future, by converging the global innovative resources and R&D
forces continuously, the Group will accelerate the development of innovative
drugs in China to push forward more effective, safer and more cost-effective
innovative drugs to be launched in China market, benefiting more patients and
their families!