China Medical System (00867) Won the Award of Golden Hong Kong Stocks “Best Pharmaceutical and Medical Company”

Company News

On January 6, 2021, the Fifth Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards Ceremony was grandly held in Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Nanshan. China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) was honored to receive the award of Golden Hong Kong Stocks “Best Pharmaceutical and Medical Company”.

“Golden Hong Kong Stocks” has reached its fifth anniversary since 2016, and it has become not only the largest annual Hong Kong and U.S. stocks festival but also an exciting event gathering Chinese business leaders’ ideas. The Golden Hong Kong Stocks “Best Pharmaceutical and Medical Company” award aims to recognize the pharmaceutical and medical Hong Kong-listed companies that have a healthy corporate governance structure, prominent industry position, well-developed main business and are capable to provide investors with continuous and stable return. Receiving this award fully reflects the affirmation and recognition from the capital market of the Group’s performance and innovative strategies.

With more than 20 years of accumulation of overseas medical resources and deep cultivation of the Chinese pharmaceutical market, CMS has deployed 23 innovative products with competitive differentiation advantages and promising market potential in just over three years through efficient equity investment and strategic cooperation, and it is pushing forward the clinical development of innovative drugs in China with full speed. In addition, the Group closely follows industry trends, carefully selects global healthcare products according to medical standards and enters the healthcare business based on cross-border e-commerce platforms, so as to bring new impetus to the growth of the Group. In the future, empowered by new products and new business, CMS will continue to take offering competitive products and services to meet China’s unmet medical needs” as its mission and make unremitting efforts to create greater value for shareholders, employees, and society!