China Medical System (867.HK) Won All the Honors of Institutional Investor’s All-Asia Executive Team (Small & Mid Cap)

Company News

On June 30, Institutional Investor, an international authoritative financial
magazine, published the ranking of “2021 All-Asia Executive Team”. Included
in the ranking for the eighth time, China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”
or “the Group”) was recognized as the “Honored Company” among all Small & Midcap companies in Healthcare
and Pharmaceuticals sector this time, and won top three of all the five honors
including “Best CEO”, “Best CFO”, “Best IR
Professional”, “Best IR Program”, and “Best ESG”.

Founded in New York in 1967, Institutional Investors is one of the
most influential financial magazines in the world. The magazine evaluates the
management team of listed companies in all regions of the world, for which only
certified financial professionals have the right to vote. The result is well
recognized by the capital market and is viewed as a bellwether of the global
investment. The 2021 Asia ranking involved 1,438 listed companies across 18
sectors, with a total of 4,084 voters consisting of buy-side and sell-side representatives.

Wining this year’s ranking reflects not
only the capital market’s high recognition of the Group’s previous business
performance, corporate governance, and investor relations management, but also shows
the market’s confidence on the future development of the “New CMS”.

Since listed, the executive team of CMS has
always attached great importance to transparent, timely and effective
communication with the capital market, actively enhanced corporate governance,
and promoted steady business development. Over the past decade, jointly driven
by the strong product competence, the powerful academic promotion capability,
and the refined management system, the Group achieved outstanding performance in
correspondence to shareholders’ support and trust, with the CAGRs of turnover
and net profit exceeding 20% and ROE maintaining above 20%.

Under the background of continuous
deepening reform of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, CMS has been actively responding
and seeking to changes, accelerating deployment and R&D of innovative drugs,
and expanding the business boundary to enter the medical aesthetic and
healthcare fields. In the future, new products and new businesses will inject
new momentum for the Group’s rapid development, building a more progressed and promising
“New CMS”!