China Medical System (867.HK) is Honored to be Listed on “CSR Ranking of Pharmaceutical Enterprises in 2020” by Southern Weekly

Company News

Recently, China Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Research Center of Southern Weekly released the “CSR Ranking of Pharmaceutical Enterprise in 2020”, and China Medical System Holdings Limited (CMS” or the Group) ranked No.7 for its outstanding performance in CSR.

“China CSR Research” was launched by Southern Weekly in 2003 and has been carried out consecutively for the last 18 years. Among similar rankings launched by Chinese media, it is the first, longest-lasting, and most professional CSR research and evaluation activity that covers the broadest fields. The industry rankings take 7 perspectives into account, including management responsibility, economic responsibility, fair operation, product and consumer, environmental responsibility, employee responsibility, and public welfare and charity, to evaluate the social responsibility performance of the pharmaceutical enterprises fairly and reasonably.

Over the years, the Group has attached great importance to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) related work, and adhered to operational compliance, quality control of product and service, employee development and caring, green supply chain development, as well as ecological environment protection. In 2020, the Group’s MSCI-ESG rating was upgraded 3 levels from “BB” to “AA”, reaching the global leading level, and an ESG committee was set up at the board level to further enhance ESG governance. Besides, the Group has actively participated in the public welfare of the community. In the face of major disasters such as the Covid-19 pandemic and Henan floods, the Group donated funds and materials timely, contributing to society with its own efforts.

In the future, CMS will continue to pursue the goal of carrying out the concept of environmental protection, achieving the value of social responsibility, being committed to becoming a leading sustainable pharmaceutical enterprise in China”, committed to the sustainable development of environment and society.