China Medical System (867.HK) Received the Awards of the “Best Capital Market Communication” and the “Best Shareholder Relations” in China IR Annual Awards

Company News

On December 29, the “2022 Innovation Summit on Investor Relations of Listed Companies and the 5th China IR Annual Awards Ceremony” was grandly held in Shenzhen. China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”) received two awards including the “Best Capital Market Communication” and the “Best Shareholder Relations”.

China IR Annual Awards was jointly sponsored by Roadshow China and Excellence IR. Featured with professionalism, objectivity, impartiality and accuracy, China IR Annual Awards aims to honor outstanding listed companies and IR professionals for their contributions towards promoting innovation and high efficiency in the industry. The awards is considered as having high credibility in the IR industry in China.

Over the years, CMS has sustained rapid growth with its philosophy of prudent operation and active innovation. In the past ten years, the compound annual growth rates of the turnover and the net profit were over 20%; meanwhile, the Group maintained high dividend payout ratio of 40% and ROE over 20%, continuously providing shareholders with generous returns.

While striving to promote steady development of the Group, CMS also attaches great importance to transparent, timely and effective communication with the capital market. On the basis of sufficient information disclosure, the management and investor relations team of CMS actively organize and participate in various investor meetings, and use multi-media tools to ensure timely, comprehensive, and quality communication with investors.

In the future, CMS will maintain sincere and close interaction with the capital market, continue to optimize investor relations management, actively deliver the value of the Group to the capital market, and continuously enhance investors’ confidence in CMS.