China Medical System (867.HK) was Selected for “Top 25 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies” of “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies”

Company News

On February 25, 2022, the ranking series of the 9th “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companieswere grandly announced, and China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) once again appeared on the lists, ranking 8th among the “Top 25 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies“.

The selection of “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” was jointly initiated by Tencent Holdings and Finet Group in 2012, and aims to create authoritative and credible ranking lists of Hong Kong listed companies. The “Top 25 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies” are selected based on the comprehensive evaluation of five indicators: total market value, turnover growth rate, net profit after tax, return on equity and return on investment. This is the second time that CMS was selected for the lists, which fully reflects the capital market’s high recognition of the Group’s investment value and full confidence in its development prospects.

Since its innovation transformation at the end of 2017, CMS has rapidly invested in and deployed innovative products around the world, and efficiently promoted the clinical development and registration of the innovative products in China. The Group has built an innovative pipeline consisting of nearly 30 innovative products with relatively high innovation level, promising market potential and competitive differentiation advantages in the past four years. Among them, 9 products has been approved for marketing in the U.S. and/or Europe, the new drug applications of 3 innovative products were submitted, and the bridging trials of 4 products were in progress in China. Meanwhile, by integrating and leveraging its own advantageous resources, the Group has continuously expanded its business boundaries and rapidly promoted the development of new businesses such as the dermatology and medical aesthetic business, injecting new momentum into future development.

While pursuing innovation and transformation, CMS adheres to the corporate philosophy of  prudent and professional operation, maintaining continuous growth of marketed products for years and constantly achieving new highs in performance. Over the past decade, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the Groups turnover (in the case that all medicines were directly sold by the Group) was 21.2%, and the net profit CAGR was 22.8%. The Groups ROE has maintained over 20% for 14 consecutive years. In the future, CMS will continue to improve its core competencies with reform, innovation, compliance and endless endeavors, so as to further promote the high-quality development of the Group.