China Medical System (867.HK) is Once Again Listed on “CSR Ranking of Pharmaceutical Enterprises” by Southern Weekly

Company News

On July 29, “2021 CSR Ranking of Pharmaceutical Enterprises” by Southern Weekly was grandly announced. With its outstanding performance in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”or the “Group”) was again selected in the list, ranking No. 5, up 2 places from the previous year.

“China CSR Ranking”, launched by Southern Weekly in 2003, has been carried out for 19 consecutive years and become one of the most authoritative CSR awards in China. The rankings take 7 perspectives into account, including management responsibility, fair operation, product and service, environmental protection, employee responsibility, economic performance and community welfare, to fairly and reasonably evaluate the comprehensive CSR performance of pharmaceutical enterprises.

(2021 CSR Ranking of Pharmaceutical Enterprises)

Over the years, CMS takes “sustainable development” as an essential concept in corporate operations, and incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its development strategies. While maintaining steady growth in operating performance, the Group attaches great importance to the quality of products and services, strictly adheres to compliant operations, continuously pays attention to the rights and development of employees, focuses on supply chain management and fully implements the principles of green development, and continues to increase investment in environmental protection. In the last three years, the Group did not receive any sold or delivered product recalls due to safety and health issues; the Group did not experience any major layoffs or major mergers/acquisitions, which affected the majority of its employees; the Group did not have any significant pollution incident. Meanwhile, to actively giving back to society, the Group has long been carrying out various public welfare activities, such as health care, education donation, attention to disadvantaged groups. Based on achievements made in terms of social responsibility, the Group’s MSCI-ESG rating has maintained ”AA” for two consecutive years, which is leading the global industry peers.

In the future, CMS will continue to pursue high-quality, sustainable and comprehensive development, and work with stakeholders to achieve greater commercial and social value.