China Medical System Proactively Supported Pandemic Prevention and Control in Tibet

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In August 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic struck Tibet Autonomous Region and the pandemic situation was complex. China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”) has paid close attention to the pandemic condition, and in order to support the pandemic prevention and control, its subsidiary Tibet Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Development Co. (“Tibet Kangzhe”) has donated several kinds of epidemic prevention materials to the local government, schools and communities, including medical protective clothing, N95 masks, medical gloves and ethanol disinfectant, etc., while quickly organizing its staff to join the volunteer groups to support the transport of anti-epidemic supplies, nucleic acid testing and pandemic prevention propaganda.

Materials Donated by Tibet Kangzhe
Tibet Kangzhe’ Employee Volunteers Worked on the Transport of Anti-epidemic Supplies
Tibet Kangzhe’ Employee Volunteers Worked until Mid-night

The Group will continue to pay close attention to the pandemic condition and actively participate in the pandemic prevention and control works, so as to fulfill our mission and responsibility with concrete actions. Under the effective control of the Tibetan government, we look forward to a victory against the pandemic in Tibet.