China Medical System (867.HK) was selected into “Top 20 Competitive Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies in 2022” once again

Company News

Recently, the results of the selection of “Top 20 Competitive Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies in 2022” were announced, China Medical System(“CMS”) stood out from the listed pharmaceutical companies and was once again included in the top 20 list. This activity was guided by China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and jointly launched by HealthCare Executive and Hejun Consulting.

The selection of “Top 20 Competitive Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies” has been organized for the 14th consecutive year. It evaluates Companies with ECIRM model of “Entrepreneur, Capital, Industry, Resources and Management” and identifies the ones with comprehensive competitive strength and being able to flexibly adapt its strategy to the industry trend.

CMS takes innovation development to adapt to the complex and rapid changing external environment. With 30 years of accumulated commercialization resources in China, including extensive academic resources and deep market understanding, CMS is able to identify unmet clinical needs with sharp business insight. With the “collaborative R&D and investment” oriented innovation development strategy, we have further enhanced the collaboration with global innovative R&D forces to develop FIC, BIC innovative products, and efficiently promoted clinical development and commercialization, to improve R&D efficiency and create an open and mutually beneficial pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem. In the past five years, CMS has built an innovative pipeline of early-, mid-and late-phase products with relatively high innovation level, promising market potential and competitive differentiation advantages, and its innovative products are about to launch in the market soon.

In addition, CMS adheres to the business philosophy of compliance, endeavor and high efficiency. In the past ten years (2012-2021), the CAGR of the Group’s turnover (in the case that all medicines were directly sold by the Group) was 20.6%, and the CAGR of net profit was 21.2%; In addition, The Group has formed independent operating divisions for each specialty area in order to give the advantages of allowing the divisions to benefit from the scale advantages and operational efficiency inherent with being part of a larger group. At the same time, the Group continuously expanded its business boundaries to enter into the medical aesthetic field and the Southeast Asia market, and has built a moderate diversified business structure with strong synergy effect.

In the future, CMS will step forward to create greater value for the society and be worthy of the trust through quality development led by innovation!