China Medical System (867.HK) was selected into “TOP20 ESG Competitiveness of Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies”

Company News

Recently, the results of a selection of “TOP20 ESG Competitiveness of Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies” were announced. This activity was guided by China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and jointly launched by China’s leading independent consulting agency for corporate social responsibility. China Medical System(“CMS”) was included in the top 20 list due to its long-term unremitting efforts and outstanding performance in ESG governance.

The Selection of “TOP20 ESG Competitiveness of Chinese Pharmaceutical Listed Companies” takes ESG information disclosure transparency and ESG material issue management performance as the core evaluation dimensions, to explore the Chinese pharmaceutical listed companies that are most representative in ESG management and have ESG investment value, providing experience and benchmarks for the transformation and upgrading of China’s pharmaceutical industry and building sustainable industrial competitiveness.

Adheres to the concept of sustainable development, CMS continuously improves ESG management and practices in all aspects of the Group’s operations. CMS has established an efficient governance structure and compliance management system to comprehensively control the formulation and implementation of policies, identification and response to risks and opportunities for ESG issues, etc. Following the core values of “value creation for customers and social responsibility fulfillment”, CMS will continue to actively participate in various social welfare activities, and implement a low-carbon, cooperative, and win-win supply chain management. CMS believes importance to the striver, attaching great importance to talents training and development, while protecting the rights and interests of employees. Focusing on unmet clinical needs, CMS develops an open innovative technology incubation platform to continuously empower the transformation of pharmaceutical innovations and makes efforts to escort health of populations with accessible, affordable, and reliable drugs.

The Group’s high standard of ESG management and information disclosure have won high reorganization from society with MSCI-ESG rating being “A” and “AA” for three consecutive years,.  In the future, CMS will continue to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness in ESG practice, and step forward with high-quality sustainable development.