China Medical System (867.HK) S&P Global CSA Score Achieved Significant Improvement, Leading the Industry Globally

Company News

Recently, the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (S&P Global CSA) released the 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores for China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS”) . CMS achieved a significant improvement with a score of 53 in 2022 from 36 in 2021, surpassing 92% of the global peers and being significantly ahead of the industry average. This result shows the Company’s outstanding achievement from its active integration of ESG governance into strategic development and daily operation.

S&P Global CSA is the global leading assessment tool of corporate sustainability practices initiated by S&P Global. S&P Global CSA provides comprehensive evaluation on corporate sustainability performance, and the Company’s identification and management abilities of potential opportunities and challenges by considering factors, such as corporate economy and governance, environment protection, and social responsibility. S&P Global CSA has been regarded, by stakeholders, as one of the most important references for making business or investment decisions.

(Source:S&P Global official website)

Based on a well-established, scientific and effective ESG governance structure, CMS has been continuously improving its overall operations with the concept of sustainable development. Its latest S&P Global CSA-ESG scores indicated the Group has achieved significant improvements in several issues including Human Rights, Occupational Health & Safety, Supply Chain Management, Product Quality Management, Information Security & Cyber Security, Environment Policy & Management Systems, Addressing Cost Burden and Improving Access to Healthcare. Especially, the Group received excellent scores in Marketing Practices, Product Quality Management, and Addressing Cost Burden.

Adhering to compliant operations, CMS has built an honest, efficient, and open operational culture via a solid internal management system. By continuously enhancing its innovative product incubation platform and fully leveraging its strengths, the Group promotes diversified collaborative R&D and continues to build a pharmaceutical ecosystem in a collaborative setting for the benefit of all stakeholders, to improve pharmaceutical R&D efficiency, and constantly offer patients with accessible, affordable, and quality products. In the future, upholding visionary corporate mission and responsibility, we will continue to enhance our corporate governance, environment control practices, and social responsibility fulfillment, and promote the integration of ESG concepts into the Group’s strategy, striving to be the leading sustainable pharmaceutical company in China.