China Medical System (867.HK) won the Awards of “Listed Biopharma with the Most Growing Value” and “Overseas Listed Company with the Most Growing Value”.

Company News

On December 28, the rank of “the 12th China’s Top Listed Companies by popularity 2022” was grandly released. China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) won both the awards of “Listed Biopharma with the Most Growing Value” and “Overseas Listed Company with the Most Growing Value”.

The rank of Top Listed Companies by popularity was held by The National Business Daily, aiming to build reputation and create value for the capital market. This year the selection went through four stages, these are public nomination, big data screening, model screening, and institution + public voting. After more than 3 months of selection, nearly 3,000 listed companies were nominated, and 15 major awards were finally released.

Winning both awards reflects the comprehensive strength of CMS in the bio-pharmaceutical industry and demonstrates high affirmation from capital market on its quality development. In recent years, CMS has driven its development through innovation, continuously strengthened the open platform, and joined hands with global biotechnology innovation companies to develop differentiated innovative products to meet the unmet medical needs. Today, CMS has deployed 30 first (FIC) or best-in-class (BIC) innovative products, among which, 3 blockbuster innovative drugs have been submitted for NDA in China, which is expected to become a new growth driver for the Group.

In the past 15 years (2007-2021), the CAGR of the Group’s turnover (in the case that all medicines were directly sold by the Group) was 25.3%, and the CAGR of net profit was 31.5%.The Group has maintained a stable and healthy growth trend. In addition, through the independent operation of the specialty fields, CMS empowers the divisions to gain leading positions in specialty markets; and CMS continuously expands the business boundary, and actively develop its business in the field of medical aesthetics and the Southeast Asian market, which is becoming another driving force for the development of the Group.

In the future, CMS will continue to step forward to adhere to the business philosophy of compliance, endeavor and high efficiency, to contribute to the development of the biomedical industry and reward investors with excellent business performance.