China Medical System(867.HK) was awarded “Best Hong Kong Stock Connect listing Company”

Company News

December 19, 2022, “the Seventh Zhitong Caijing Hong Kong Stock Connect listing Company Award” ceremony was grandly held in Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel, CMS was honored to win “Best Hong Kong Stock Connect listing Company”!

The ceremony was held by Zhitong Caijing, China Galaxy Securities and RoyalFlush. “Best Hong Kong Stock Connect listing Company” aims to reward Hong Kong Stock Connect listing companies with healthy governance structure, leading industry position and steady business operation, that can provide investors with continuous and stable value returns.

This honor demonstrates the attention and affirmation of capital market on the future prospect and investment value of CMS. Since being listed, CMS has always adhered to high-standard corporate governance and efficient operation system, and continued to create high returns for shareholders and other stakeholders. In the past ten years (2012-2021), both the CAGRs of its sales revenue (In the case that all medicines were directly sold by the Group) and net profit exceeded 20%; meanwhile, the Group maintained high dividend payout ratio of 40% net profit and ROE over 20%.

In recent years, under the background of the transformation and reorganization of China’s pharmaceutical industry, CMS has actively adapted itself to the changing environment and applied a new business vision and strategy to lead its way to a bright future. CMS insistently acquires and invests in differentiated innovative products and efficiently promotes their clinical development and commercialization. Besides, CMS continues to accelerate the development of its new products and new businesses with both consumption and medical attributes, while expanding its strategy blueprint into Southeast Asia market. It is expected to form a moderately diversified business layout with strong synergy effect to further safeguard CMS’s business growth in mid and long-term, while bringing sound value returns to investors.