China Medical System(867.HK) Was Selected as the “Annual Growth Value Awards” of 2022 Annual Golden Award

Company News

December 16, 2022, the selection results of Guruclub “Golden Award”- Greater China best listed companies awards – were grandly announced, CMS was selected as the winner of the “Annual Growth Value Awards (for Large-caps)”.

The selection principle of the “Golden Award” is based on “global vision, betting on China”, aiming to create a list of listed companies with the most referential value in the investment industry, covering listed companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and the United States. The winners of ” Annual Growth Value Awards (for Large-caps)” were selected through strict quantitative data analysis and expert review. The award is aiming to commend listed companies not only with continuous self-strengthening ability in its development with vitality, growth ability, and core competitiveness, but also can continue to create values for the country and society.

This award represents capital market’s full affirmation of CMS’s corporate value and future growth. CMS has been an expert in Chinese pharmaceutical market for 30 years, and maintained excellent business performance with rapid growth: In the past ten years (2012-2021), both the CAGRs of its sales revenue (In the case that all medicines were directly sold by the Group) and net profit exceeded 20%. CMS has always been striving to meet the unmet clinical needs, empowering the efficient transformation of global innovative bio-technologies with the “Innovation product incubation platform”, and building a win-win pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem. Today, CMS has deployed 30 first (FIC) or best-in-class (BIC) innovative products globally, among which, 3 blockbuster innovative drugs have been submitted for NDA in China, which is expected to become a new driver for the company’s growth. At the same time, through the independent operation of the specialty fields, CMS helps to empower the divisions to gain leading positions in specialty markets; and by continuously expanding the business boundary, and actively deploying the field of medical aesthetics and the Southeast Asian market, CMS will create a second growth curve.

In the future, with the mission of “providing competitive products and services to meet unmet medical needs”, the Group will continue to create value for the cause of human health with its quality development.