China Medical System was Selected for the “Top 25 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies” of “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” for the Third Consecutive Year

Company News

On February 24, the Hong Kong Listed Company Development Forum and the Ranking of the 10th “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” Awards Ceremony were grandly announced, and China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) was selected for “Top 25 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies” for the third consecutive year. It reflects the capital market’s high recognition and confidence of the Group’s investment value and development prospects.

The selection of “Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies” was initiated in 2012,and had become an new benchmark of investment in Hong Kong capital market. The “Top 25 Listed Pharmaceutical Companies” are selected based on the comprehensive evaluation of five indicators: total market value, turnover growth, net profit after tax, return on equity and return on investment, aiming to create authoritative and credible ranking lists of Hong Kong listed pharmaceutical companies.

After years of products investment and R&D efforts, CMS has already become a platform company linking pharmaceutical innovation and commercialization with strong product lifecycle management capability. The Group has successfully deployed 30 the FIC and BIC innovative products, among them, 4 products are under NDA review in China, and 3 will be approved for marketing soon. Meanwhile, on the basis of maintaining our core competitiveness in the fields of cardio-cerebrovascular and gastroenterology, CMS develops in depth and breadth in the specialty therapeutic fields of dermatology and ophthalmology, constantly adding new developmental power to the Group’s steady growth. At the same time, the Group has entered the Southeast Asian market to expand business territory, creating the second growth curve.

Advancing with the times to create an everlasting foundation for the company, the Group will continue to be pragmatic and enterprising, building an economic moat with our competitive advantages and promoting quality development.