CMS Reached a Strategic Collaboration with Haikou National High-tech Zone and Lecheng Pilot Zone, to Accelerate the Clinical Application of Innovative Drugs and Medical Devices

Company News

On April 7th, China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or “the Group”) signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Haikou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee (“Haikou National High-tech Zone”), and the Management Bureau of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone (“Lecheng Pilot Zone”) to promote the introduction of the products in Lecheng and manufactured in Haikou of the Group’s international innovative drugs and medical devices.

Leaders including Ni Qiang, Deputy Governor of Hainan Province and Director of the Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee for the Free Trade Port, Liu Liwu, Director of the Hainan Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Jia Ning, Director of the Hainan Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau and the Boao Lecheng Management Bureau, Zhu Ning, Director of the Hainan Medical Products Administration, Deng Lisong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Feng Guang, Deputy Director of the Haikou National High-tech Zone Management Committee, Fu Zhu, Deputy Director of the Boao Lecheng Management Bureau; besides, CMS’s management, including Chairman , Chief Excecutive and President, Mr. Lam Kong, as well as Executive Director and CFO Ms. Chen Yanling, attended the signing ceremony.

Haikou National High-tech Zone is the only national high-tech zone in Hainan Province, China. It focuses on the development of high-tech industries, and has become an important growth pole of industrial economy and a window for international communication. As the only “Medical Special Zone” in China, Lecheng Pilot Zone is an important channel for advanced international innovative drugs and medical devices to enter the Chinese market. Under this collaboration, an innovative drug of “CMS Skinhealth”, the dermatology and medical aesthetic business of the Group, could be prescribed in Lecheng, and it could be manufactured in Haikou High-tech Zone after being registered and marketed through the Lecheng real-world research fast-track. It is expected to make this blockbuster product the second international innovative drug to be introduced in Lecheng and manufactured in Haikou.

Mr. Lam Kong, Chairman, Chief Executive and President of CMS, stated that this collaboration could speed up the clinical application of international innovative drugs and medical devices in China and benefit more Chinese patients, by leveraging the favorable policies in Hainan Free Trade Port and Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone, and biological and medical industrial advantages of Haikou National High-tech Zone, as well as CMS’s advantages in the selection, deployment and commercialization of global innovative drugs and medical devices. CMS will continue to identify and deploy high-quality drugs globally for patients, and contribute “CMS strengths” to promote industrial upgrading and the high-quality development of the healthcare industry ecosystem.

On April 6th, CMS Vision, the ophthalmology business of CMS, signed a collaboration agreement with Lecheng Pilot Zone to jointly build a product innovation transformation center with the support of favorable local policies, aiming to accelerate the innovative medical technology development in the ophthalmology field.

During the conference, Jia Ning, Party Secretary and Director of Lecheng Pilot Zone Administration, expressed his pleasure at seeing leading pharmaceutical companies like CMS has participated in the construction of medical transformation platform, and looking forward to the development and clinical application of cutting-edge innovation outcomes in the ophthalmology field through the all-round and multi-level collaboration.

In addition, the management team of CMS visited Lecheng Pilot Zone, including Boao Super Hospital, Yiling Life Care Center, Ruijin Hainan Hospital, and the “Never Ending” International Innovative Medicine and Equipment Exhibition, etc.