CMS included in the “Hang Seng Innovative Drug Index”

Company News

On May 15, Hang Seng Indexes Company newly launched the Hang Seng Innovative Drug Index, in which CMS has been included.

The purpose of setting the Hang Seng Innovative Drug Index is to reflect the performance of companies engaged in the research, development and manufacture of innovative drugs,and are listed in Hong Kong. The index uses the Constituents of the Hang Seng Composite Index as the universe. Each eligible security will be assigned with a Relevance Score according to its business exposure to the innovative drug industry. The top 40 securities with the highest Relevance Score Rank will be selected as constituents.

Being included in the index reflects the capital market’s recognition of the Group’s comprehensive strength of innovative R&D. After 5 years of efficient innovative products layout, CMS has collaborated with around 20 global biotech companies and biopharma and established a differentiated innovative pipeline with 30 innovative products, mainly FIC and BIC. In March 2023, the New Drug Application of Methotrexate Injection (pre-filled syringe) has been approved in China. In addition, three innovative drugs are currently under NDA review for marketing in China. Innovation results of the Group are continuing to be realized. In addition, CMS has been included in Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng Large-Mid Cap (Investable) Index, Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index, Hang Seng Hong Kong-Listed Biotech Index, Hang Seng China High Dividend Yield Index(which will be effective on 5 June 2023)etc., more than ten various Hang Seng Indexes.