China Medical System Cares for Exceptional Children with Donation and Companionship

Company News

On the June 1st, the joyous holiday for children, Shenzhen Kangzhe, a subsidiary of China Medical System Holdings Limited ( “CMS”), again made donations through Charity Association of Shenzhen Nanshan for the designated procurement of equipment, teaching tools, toys and sports equipment, etc., and scholarships granted to teachers of merits, hoping to improve teaching quality for exceptional children with autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay, attention disorder, etc. helping them to receive better rehabilitation training.

During the visit, employee representatives of CMS expressed the most heartfelt Children’s Day blessings and gave gifts to the kids; They also played musical games and instruments with children, accompanying them to enjoy a happy and warm Children’s Day.

CMS will continue to care for exceptional children, and let them feel the love from society with practical actions. Moreover, we will also actively carry out or participate more in public welfare activities to contribute CMS’s strength to the society.