China Medical System received MSCI-ESG “AA” rating again, leading the industry in ESG management

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Recently, MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International), the world’s largest index company, announced the latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) evaluation report for China Medical System Holdings limited (“CMS” or the “Group”), who achieved an “AA” rating and surpassed 75% of global peers with leading ESG management practices.

MSCI is one of the most widely used, influential, and referenced rating companies in the global market. Based on a scientifically rigorous evaluation system, it evaluates companies’ risk control performance and sustainable development potential comprehensively from various aspects such as environment, human capital, health accessibility, product safety and quality, and corporate governance. MSCI-ESG rating results have been regarded by global investors as an important non-financial basis for investment decision-making. Being back to the “AA” rating, reflects the full recognition of the Group’s ESG management practices by the international authoritative rating company.

The Group deeply integrates the concept of sustainable development into its operations with a development perspective, continuously improves its internal governance under the guidance of its ESG strategy, and actively assumes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Based on years of continuous investment in sustainable development, CMS’s ESG management has been widely recognized: over the past three years, the Group’s MSCI-ESG rating has maintained an “A” or “AA; its S&P Global ESG score surpassed 92% of the global peers with a score of 53, and successfully stood out from approximately 1,600 Chinese companies to be included in the first “Sustainability Yearbook (China)” of S&P Global.

In the future, CMS will always keep in mind its mission of being a responsible citizen, and work together with its stakeholders to promote healthy, harmonious, and sustainable development of the industry, society, and environment.